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Our Story

Our Mission and Our Values

Our history echoes the International HNW Life Insurance Industry. While International HNW Life insurance started in the late 1990s, the category of International HNW Life Insurance Industry actually began in 2004.  Apeiron was part of creating that category.  For over two decades, Apeiron has been at the centre of building the industry. While we helped focus the industry through private bank distribution, we now believe it is time to help every HNW individual irrespective of their residence or banking affiliations that fit their needs. As one of the few remaining second-generation, independently owned and operated companies, Apeiron is the most important player in the International HNW Life insurance industry today.

Meet the Team

Alexis Headshot 2023 2 web.png

Alexis Lim

Senior Client Operations Manager

webAndy Man Headshot 2023 2.png

Andy Man

Founder and Chairman

Christina Chan Headshot 2023.png

Christina Chan

Client Operations Manager

Elyn Loh Headshot 2023 2.png

Elyn Loh

Senior Client Operations Manager

Jason Tsai Headshot 2023 web.png

Jason Tsai

Business Development Manager - USA

Justin Man Headshot 2023 web.png

Justin Man

Chief Executive Officer

Monica Zhou Headshot 2023.png

Monica Zhou

Client Operations Executive

Samantha Wong Headshot 2023.png

Samantha Wong

Sales Director - North Asia

Veronica Lee New Background - Copy.png

Veronica Lee

Client Experience Director


Amalia Gomes

Sales Support Manager - UAE


Anil Madnani

Sales Director - MENA

webCybelle Quek Headshot 2023 2.png

Cybelle Quek

Operations Associate

webEunice Soon Headshot 2023 2.png

Eunice Soon

Client Operations Executive

- Inforce


Jibin George

Business Development Director


Lily Lee Headshot 2023.png

Lily Lee

Client Operations Manager - Case Design

Nicole Chan Headshot 2023.png

Nicole Chan

Client Operations Manager


Shah Mohammad

International Marketing Director

Viv Lee Final Edit 3.0.png

Viv Lee

Executive Vice President

Amanda Chew Headshot 2023 2 web.png

Amanda Chew

Client Operations Executive

Berna Shin Headshot 2023 2 web.png

Berna Shin

Client Operations Executive

- Case Design


Debashish Maitra

Executive Director

Genevieve Lim Headshot 2023 web.png

Genevieve Lim

Senior Client Operations Manager

Joenie Tan Headshot 2023 web.png

Joenie Tan

Business Development Director - South East Asia


Lucy Fu

Sales Support Executive -

North Asia


Peter Tsih

Special Advisor

Steve Man Headshot 2023.png

Steven Man

Chief Financial Officer

Yarris Soh Headshots 2023.png

Yarris Soh

Client Service Director

Andy Lee Headshot 2023 2 web.png

Andy Lee

Client Operations Executive

Cherie Zhai Headshot 2023 2 web.png

Cherie Zhai

Senior Business Strategy Manager - North Asia

Ellen Eng Headshot 2023 2 web.png

Ellen Eng

Client Operations Executive

Irene Man Headshot 2023 web.png

Irene Man

Executive Vice President


web Jolene Leong Headshot 2023 2.png

Jolene Leong

Client Operations Manager

Michelle Yung Headshot 2023.png

Michelle Yung

Executive Administration Director

Rita Huang Website Headshot.png

Rita Huang

Global Head of Client Operations & Underwriting

Tabitha Soon Headshot 2023.png

Tabitha Soon

Client Operations Director

Zach Lalwani Headshot 2023.png

Zachary Lalwani

Senior Associate -

Marketing & Technology 

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